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Our company, one of the first-rate manufactures of optical media in Russia was established in 1998. The primary activity of "Russobit-Soft" is the production of various multimedia and musical compact-disks.

From the very beginning "Russobit-Soft" manufactures its production on the contemporary and powerful European equipment, supplied by well-known brands, such as Audio Dev AB, ODME B.V., SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES AG, Werner KAMMAN and TECHNOTRANS. This equipment is widely used by every major optical media producer. The production capacities of our facilities almost doubled for the latter of one-and-a-half year. We renewed our mastering process in 2001 .

Our main advantage over the other manufactures of compact-disks is the fact that we maintain complete production cycle: testing initial materials, printing matrices, replication, printing label using the method of silk screen printing and packaging finished production. The replication capabilities of our facilities are maintained by the modern automated lines, and the matrices preparation system is based on the unique technology, which makes it possible to attain the highest quality of output, comparable to the best western analogs.

Our pricing policy is flexible, with various discounts, based on the order volumes, quantity of repeated print runs, etc.

Among our customers are such well-known brands as LLC "Russobit-M" (E-mail:, LLC "Musical Service Center", LLC "BMG-Russia", recording studio "Nikitin","Monolit" and many other recognized companies. We also maintain a tight partnership with Protection Technology Company, which developed great multimedia content copy-protection scheme "Star Force".

LLC "Russobit-Soft" operates in accordance with the laws of Russian Federation, maintains intellectual property rights and is an active member of commodity-industry chamber of Russian Federation. To our customers we guarantee security and complete protection from the encroachments of "piracy" during the manufacturing process.

"Russobit-Soft" also contributes to the evolution of the spiritual renovation of society, producing circulations of Christian church music and Russian romances in the charitable order. We are also an official sponsor of The Kostroma eparchy of the Russian Orthodox Church.

That is our history. It's fluid and interesting. We are opened for all sorts of partnership, so let us build our future together.

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